“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you how to present yourself”

Convivia designs and produces innovative packaging solutions with a flexible and personalised approach to its clients’ specific demands. Containers capable of presenting their contents to best effect, environmentally friendly features, practical and efficient means of communication. each packaging and bag can be made in a flexible and personalized way, fulfilling every specific need of the customer. The presence of internal graphics allows the study of solutions, sketches and prototypes that help the customer in the best choice. Containers capable of enhancing their content to the best, environmentally friendly solutions, practical and effective communication tools available in environmentally friendly paper and fabric.


Conviviabag Bags and Packaging: Custom Boxes and Personalized Bags

Conviviabag offers you a wide range of personalized boxes and personalized bags, on which you can print your logo, text or image. It is essential to present a custom-made product to your customers with your brand, which allows you to increase the impact of your corporate identity. If, on the other hand, you want to deliver a gift for an event (family, as well as a trade show or a business anniversary), thanks to the customized boxes you will increase the emotional effect and the commercial impact. And what about your company online and not? Nothing is better than shipping or hand-delivering your packaged products in a nice packaging that recalls your personality.

For customized boxes and customized bags you will have access to a wide range of models of boxes and bags, constantly growing, which you can customize easily and with minimum orders that allow you to have unique and original products, perfect for your company or your homemade event.

We all know that, on certain occasions, the container is almost as important as the content, if not more: it demonstrates an infinite number of examples and, moreover, the experience gives us reason. So, do not waste precious time: the last step towards the success of your company are the customized boxes produced by Conviviabag with your logo, to which you have been thinking for some time without having decided yet. It’s time to choose: we’ll serve you on a silver plate!

And remember: if you want your customized boxes to be even more unique, with specific sizes and designs, we can send you a quote for orders over 500 units. Do not hesitate to contact us!