Patisserie bag for pastry shop

A delicate and precious product like these confections must be carried from the shop to the place it will be enjoyed, with utmost care and attention: this is what CONVIVIABAG had in mind with its product line of paper bags for confections and pastries.
CONVIVIABAG offers a wide range of confectionery bags designed especially for the needs of this kind of product. This line includes a special selection of shopper bags with strong handles and a wide and resistant bottom suitable to place trays in complete safety, in order to facilitate their transportation.
The personalized sizes guarantee an easy transport solution also for the traditional carboard boxes used for cakes, or for the more innovative packages such as the one we designed for the famous “Colomba” cake.

Our catalogue

All bags can be personalized and branded. The order delivery is guaranteed within a short time. The packages that carry the articles we give to our customers, should never be underestimated.
They are the company’s image, a high-visibility business card that goes around streets and houses.

Contact our offices for a consultation and a quote. Thanks to our 40 years of experience we will be able to advise you in the best possible way.
Paper bags available in different shapes and weights that can be entirely personalized. Available with folded paper handles, twisted handles or cotton handles. Boxes, gift boxes, pop up boxes, matching ribbons and matching tissue paper.