“Tell me what you eat and I’ll show you how to present it”

At CONVIVIA, we design and produce innovative packaging solutions with a flexible and personalized approach to our clients’ specific demands. Our shoppers, gift boxes and containers are a practical and efficient means of communication for your product, with attractive and environmentally friendly features that make for an ideal presentation.

Our history

Back in the booming Sixties of the Italian fashion industry, Enrico Bezzi saw the potential for the development of bespoke bags and custom packaging solutions for Italy’s growing fashion and communication market. This led to the launch of PACKING, a company specialized in producing tailor-made shopping bags and gift-wrapping paper. Headquartered in Italy, PACKING was able to develop a large warehouse and logistics capabilities, and employ factories in Eastern Asia for the some particular productions. In the Nineties, our company grew further and introduced new models to our range of products, also thanks to the automation of the production process. During the same years, the second generation of the Bezzi family joined the company, and we are still running it today.

The research and development of new projects

Research and innovation have been always at the heart of PACKING’s approach to business, as shown by the variety of shopping bags developed over the years, featuring a playful approach to using different materials, shapes and sizes in our product development. We are also committed to upholding the highest standards of environmental protection, and for this our company has been granted certification by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), with permission to use their logo. The company name changes to the current PACK MILANO SRL.

Conviviabag bags and packaging for food

In 2013, thanks to the constant development of new ideas, the new brand CONVIVIA was launched, specifically dedicated to offering a new packaging line for food and beverages. According to the Latin tradition, the Convivium is a feast, a banquet around which people would gather to discuss the various branches of knowledge. Well aware of the communicative strength of food, CONVIVIA’s custom packaging solutions offer food and beverage retailers with the ideal presentation for their products, aimed at the most refined palates among their clientele. Our range of products is rooted in the unmistakably Italian ethos of elegance and style, an appreciation for quality and the pleasures of life, and a taste for the finest cuisine and the exploration of diverse cultures. In a nutshell, this is our message:

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll show you how to present it”

Convivia designs and produces innovative packaging solutions; every item can be created in a flexible and personalized style, satisfying every specific demand of our clients. With our own in-house team of graphic designers, we offer our clients with drafts, prototypes and all the solutions that can help them make the best choice. The end result is a container – be it a shopper bag, gift box, or any other custom solution – that has one simple function: to enhance its contents, providing an immediate means of communication that is not only practical and effective, but that is also environmentally friendly, with the option of using materials such as eco-friendly paper and fabric.